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Let's face it - the last two years have been tough! A global pandemic, continuing effects of climate crisis, socio-political rambunctions globally and at home. You name it, we've seen it - and lived through it!

But we've done it together. ...and together is how CAAP creates work that makes a difference to how audiences, artists and communities see themselves and each other. With incredible artists, friends and fans-of-diversity, CAAP has been able to keep growing for almost a decade; to keep inspiring artists and audiences to demand, embrace and realise the full potential of a richly diverse and inclusive multicultural Australia.

In 2021 we...

Partnered with:

  • 2 major festivals to deliver 4 contemporary Asian Australian productions - including 2 brand new works
  • 11 theatre companies and arts organisations to deliver skills and sector development opportunties for Asian Australian artists across the country
  • 5 arts organisations to launch ENGAGE! - a two year community engagement research and trial program aiming to increase deeper and more meaningful connections between arts organisations and diaspora communities in regional Australia.


  • 1500 audience members across the entire artistic programme
  • 147 participants across our skills & sector development programme in nationally and internationally

and Employed:

  • over 75 artists & arts workers with 70% identifying as CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse)
  • a 100% CALD female led and run Artistic & Operations team, including bringing on full-time staff for the first time in the organisation's history

None of this would have been possible without the support of donors, philanthropists and the artistic communtiy that are at the beating heart of what we do.

This year we're asking you to join CAAP as we continue to meet the needs of our audiences and communities - and head to places we can all only imagine.

Donate now to KEEP CAAP GROWING in 2022!


All donations are tax deductible. Donate through our GiveNow* platform via the button above. *GiveNow holds the capacity to accept donations from as little as $5 up to $100,000. If you would like to make a direct deposit please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Board and Nicholas Ng at fundraiser

Christmas came early this year.  In October, our fundraising campaign 100+ VOICES SPEAK reached its target of $25,000 and that has now been matched through Creative Partnerships Plus1.  $50,000 makes a massive difference to our tiny company.  Heartfelt thanks to our generous donors for ensuring 2021 will be a year in which we can recover strongly.

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Girgensohn Foundation Elaine Chia  Patrick McIntyre Van Long Tieu
Kaldor Family Foundation Janine Collins  Kenneth Moraleda Jason To
Mahmood Martin Foundation Matt Cornell  Margaret Murphy Jean Tong
Greg Aitkin Carolyn Davis  Aimee Ocampo Rhian Tough
Ettore Altomare Leila Enright  Julienne Orcullo Sam Wang
Ien Ang Linly Goh  Raja Relf Kip Williams     
Gillian Appleton Jane Howell  Peter Richardson Jennifer Wong                      
Kevin Bathman Shuang Hu  Monica Sayers Tabitha Woo
Helen Bauer & Helen Lynch AM                 Kathryn Hunyor  Natalie Seiz William Yang
Belinda Bentley Aileen Huynh  Courtney Stewart Anna Yen
Karilyn Brown Mayu Kanamori                             Pearl Tan Susan Young
Gabrielle Chan Elizabeth Laverty       Mary Tang Gareth Yuen
Simon Chan Michelle Law  Krista Tanuwibawa Ronald Yuen
Jocelyn Chey Joyce Leong  Rosemary Thompson                  Arisa Yura










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