About Us

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CAAP (formerly Performance 4a) is the only professional arts company dedicated to making exceptional contemporary Asian Australian work for all audiences. We engender greater cultural diversity in Australian performing arts by producing cross art form theatrical works of the highest quality, in partnership with major festivals and flagship companies. CAAP leads in developing, nurturing and championing Asian Australian artists to take their place on main stages nationally and internationally.

Our mission is to provide a voice for the contemporary Asian Australian experience through live performing arts.

Our vision is to inspire artists and audiences to demand, embrace and realise the full potential of a richly diverse and inclusive multicultural Australia. 

We value:

  • Diversity
  • Asian Australian stories, practice and culture
  • Outstanding performance
  • Rigorous artistic practice
  • Best business practice
  • Development of artists
  • Integrity
  • Accessibility

The CAAP team

  • Annette Shun Wah (Artistic Director)
  • Priyanka Martin (Creative Producer)
  • Courtney Stewart (Artistic Associate)

  • Elaine Chia (Chair)
  • Elizabeth Pakchung (Deputy Chair)
  • Gary Williams (Treasurer)
  • Karilyn Brown (Secretary)
  • Distinguished Professor Ien Ang
  • Simon Chan
  • Linly Goh
  • William Yang

Meet the CAAP Team