Captivates and Informs

Review by Barry Lenny

Broadway World, 11 Sep 2014

The focus of Yasukichi Murakami - Through A Distant Lens is the Japanese-Australian photographer, Yasukichi Murakami (1880-1944), who came to Australia as a teenager and spent the rest of his life here. 

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Murakami: A Life Lost and rediscovered

Review by Greg Elliot

In Daily, 10 Sep 2014

Director Malcolm Blaylock has set the show simply and elegantly, employing only two screens upstage and minimal furniture, and has achieved a satisfying balance between live narrative, re-enactment, interview, video and photography. Read the full review .

Yasukichi Murakami: The Photographer who captured Darwin

by Georgia Moodie

Books and Arts Daily, 19 Aug 2014

Georgia Moodie interviews Mayu Kanamori and the cast in the Stone Houses in Darwin, where Murakami used to have his studio.  Michael Cathcart asks - why haven't we heard this story before? Listen to the podcast .

Good Food: with cups full of honesty and feeling

Review by Jason Blake

Sydney Morning Herald, 27 Jan 2014

In Vietnamese culture, Pauline Nguyen says, the things that are hardest to say can sometimes be expressed with food. Read the full story .

sydney Festival wrap: Village people help director bounce into the black

by John Saxby

Sydney Morning Herald, 27 Jan 2014

THEATRE: The Serpent's Table, a moving work of autobiographical theatre that for me was a perfect end to a festival in which the intimate shows offered the richest pickings. Read the full story .

The Serpent's Table: sydney Festival 2014

Review by Dee Jefferson

Time Out, 28 Jan 2014

This multi-sensory performance of food and storytelling is a feast for the belly and soul. Read the full story .

Food for thought

by Lenny Ann Low

SPECTRUM Sydney Morning Herald, 11 Jan 2014

Food and theatre have always been connected, from feasts enlivened centuries ago by live entertainment to theatre restaurants recreating food-serving farce from the classic sitcom Fawlty Towers.

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Asian-Australian theatre explores unique migrant culture

by Miriam Corowa

ABC News 24 Breakfast, 19 May 2013

Paul van Reyk and Jenevieve Chang feature in this lovely story that reveals the power of a good narrative. 

Peril review: Stories Then & Now

by Lian Low

Posted in Peril 30 May 2013

In her review Lian Low comments, "It’s incredible how powerful storytelling can render ‘ordinary lives’ so extraordinary"