The CAAP Team

Suzanne Pereira

General Manager

Suzanne comes to CAAP with a diverse range of experience spanning Performing Arts, Marketing and Investment. Her creative & corporate experience has led to representation at Board level within Arts companies and service organisations, and creative roles across Independent and Mainstage Theatre.

Suzanne notes, “Contemporary Asian Australian Performance (CAAP) was one of the first organisations I actively engaged with in respect to my identity as an Australian artist of South Asian decent. The welcoming embrace of that first Longhouse I attended provided a sense of belonging that I had not often felt in our industry. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with an organisation that has the voice of diverse Australian arts and culture at its core. I look forward to continuing CAAP’s work in creating opportunities like the one I experienced, providing a space for the contemporary Asian Australian experience for artists and audiences alike.

“For as long as I have been an artist, I have understood that diverse cultural representation at the senior levels of our industry is crucial to ensuring arts and cultural practices that offer a true reflection of the diversity of our communities and shape the perception of our national identity. I look forward to bringing the value of my experience as an Australian of South Asian decent, and as an artist of non-white heritage, to my work at CAAP.”